3 Quick Tips for your first visit to the San Blas. 

There are no marinas in the San Blas. transportation to where our boat will be anchored is by a combination of SUV 4X4 and launcha boat. We will be happy to make transportation arrangements for you.

1. The SUV driver will pick you up from the lobby of your hotel between 5 and 6 am.  Please be waiting ahead of time as the driver will also be picking up other people going to the San Blas. He may pick you up first, or last. Please be courteous and ready and waiting. as other people may already be in the SUV waiting for you as well.

The Carti Road takes you thru a beautiful untouched rainforest, but is a twisting road climbing up and down the steep mountain.   For anyone with a sensitive stomach, I would consider taking motion sickness tablets ahead of time.

2. Respect the sun. One of the great things is the Sun, down here in the San Blas. If you are planning on spending any length of time in the region, you need to be prepared for just how strong this sun is! Sun screen, Hats and Aloe are all good ideas. Unfortunately some visitors assume that since much of Panama can be hazy and overcast, the San Blas will be similar. This isn't the case! You don't want your trip ruined by a bad burn on day one.

  Bab Gua Gue is the launcha boat we normally use. Please note side curtains to keep guest reasonably dry!  Personal items should still be put in plastic bags.

Bab Gua Gue is the launcha boat we normally use. Please note side curtains to keep guest reasonably dry! Personal items should still be put in plastic bags.

3. Respect the seas! With the wind, and the speed that your launcha boat will be travelling, you could get wet!  As much as we try and cater to your comfort, and stay in calm waters for a lot of your trip, the launcha boat ride can be the opposite. It's more of an adventure! Please be prepared for that! Quick drying clothes, and bags that don't mind moisture are your friends here.  If you have this in mind ahead of time, it can be a lot of fun to dodge the spray. 

Transportation cost in order of payment,  save all receipts:

$25 From your hotel to the Carti coast
$20 Guna Yala Park fee (one time per visit fee, no charge for young kids, Panama residents only pay $5)
$ 2 Dock usage fee
$25 From the Carti coast to our boat
$25 From our boat back to the Carti coast
$25 From the Carti coast back to your hotel
$122 round trip per adult . This will need to be paid in cash to the person providing the service, the SUV driver, the laucha boat captain, ect....

Private SUV's are available.