Top 10 things to do while chartering on a San Blas sailing trip with Blue Sky:


1. Guided snorkeling trips in crystal clear waters looking at tropical fish on the natural reefs.

2. Go on a trip by small boat or kayak up the Rio Diablo for bird watching and swim in the cool mountain river.

3. Take a Guna guided waterfall/ hiking trip through the tropical rain forest passing by Guna burial grounds, look for monkeys, learn about medicinal plants.

4. Enjoy uninhabited islands with swaying palm trees, beautiful white sandy beaches, shells and star fish

5. Visit the indigenous Guna Indians and buy their molas and beads

6. Tour a Guna Indian commnity village and dine out at a Guna Indian restaurant

7. Enjoy delicious meals served on our huge aft deck and have fun star gazing at night


8. Join in a musical jam session singing along to Breeze playing guitar, be part of the band 

9. Learn to "live aboard" courses available for those wishing to learn sailing, navigation, anchoring techniques, fishing and much more.

10.Simply relax on the spacious foredeck with a good book and get a perfect suntan.